• Madrasah Noorul Islam Student Camp @ Hang Jebat
    29th to 30th Aug 2015
  • Trip to India
    25th Nov 2015 to 10th Dec 2015
  • Maulood @ Masjid Jamia Chulia
    12th December 2015 after Magrib
  • Meelath Vizha
    3rd January 2016
  • Umrah
    10th to 21st March 2016
Singapore Tenkasi Muslim Welfare Society

 Singapore Tenkasi Muslim Welfare Society (STMWS) was formed by the pioneer generation of Indian Muslim Migrants who came to Singapore from Tenkasi, a southern part in India. Currently, there are more than 500 members in STMWS.

STMWS’s main objective is to provide social to the members of STMWS and their family membes. Some of the social services provided by STMWS are 


·        Helping the needy by providing financial and food supply to low income families

·        Conduct weekly Madrasa (Religious) classes in various neighborhood mosques

·        Provide bursary award to motivate the young to ace academically and relief some financial burden         on their parent

·        Monthly Dzikir Majlis 

STMWS also runs a structured full time student day care center with certified Teachers and administrators. STMWS also works very closely with various private and government organizations, particularly with MUIS, SINDA, MENDAKI, JAMIYAH and FIM and jointly organize religious and social activaties involving all members of the society.